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Our Philosophy

Chef Owner Richard Langston's menus celebrate the integrity of ingredients, sourced locally when possible, and prepared simply to showcase the natural flavors of the products. We work with local producers, growers and suppliers to bring in fresh, sustainably grown produce, meat, fish, eggs, honey and other ingredients. Suppliers include: Matthews All-Natural MeatsWaterwheel Gardens, Sweet Valley Family Farms, Shoots & Greens and Purple Sage FarmAcme BakeshopDawson TaylorPeaceful Belly among others. 

The wines on our award-winning wine list are selected to complement the menu. Selections are sourced from both the old and new worlds: Italy, France, Spain, Oregon, California, Washington, and Idaho. Idaho’s burgeoning wine industry allows us to include great wines produced here in our own state.

Richard’s service staff is recognized as one of the best in town. With years of professional serving experience in the Boise area and beyond, our servers pride themselves on giving guests an exceptional dining experience.

Take Out


3:00pm - 7:00pm